The Week of (color) Chinos: Day 5

Day 5- J. Crew Lime Green chinos.  ”It’s takes a strong man to wear that.  To wear green pants.”

That quote isn’t from me.  That was actually from the owner of the company I work at.  So, this little fun week project for Tumblr might have earned me some respect at my company.

Surely, though, you saw the navy blazer coming, right?  If there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s the navy blazer.  It will help ground even the craziest elements.  It’s why it’s a stable for the go-to-hell aesthetic.  To make it more summer-y, this is the silk number I featured a few weeks ago.

I think to really pull this off, I had to go completely conservative.  The white Paul Frederick spread collar (my first spread collar!), green pindot silk tie, and black belt/shoes/watch with black face.  The pocket square has a light blue pattern.  Additionally, I had to make sure everything is tailored right.  The coat hits in all the right places, the pants have no break but not showing any sock.

I’ve had a lot of fun this week.  I got to explore color chinos, something I love but never wore that much.  Part of that was that I didn’t think I could wear them at work, and partially because I thought it would be too hard to pull off.  But I think this week has shown me that the most important thing you put on isn’t your clothes, but your confidence.  If I would have worn this to work meekly, I would have been torn apart.  But I wore it was confidence and, consequently, I got a lot of compliments.

Be bold, wear bold.

The Week of (color) Chinos: Day 4

Day 4- Red J. Crew Chinos.  ”I’m sorry, is my Maximalism showing?”

I don’t know if I have too much to add about this outfit.  It’s way easy to go loud and proud when you are rocking color chinos.  I decided to try to ground it with a light tan cotton jacket from J. Ferrar.

Tomorrow’s the last day.  I bet you can guess what I saved for last.

The Week of (color) Chinos: Day 3

Day 2- Plum.  ”Prep School swag”

I know that we all hate the term “business casual” and lament how that phrase has been the downfall of menswear up until now, and I bet for some of you hyperbolic folk, the downfall of Western Civilization itself.  The Great Depression was probably the result of pleated pants.

But as someone who works in a business casual office, I will say that I enjoy the freedom I have.  Sure, I’d like to wear jeans but beggars can’t be choosers.  This is probably the most casual of the looks this week.  I was originally going to go with a polo, but I was really feeling the way the purple, blue and yellow were all playing off each other.  

The Week of (color) Chinos: Day 2

Day 2- Nantucket Reds.  ”Sailboats?  Yeah, I fucks wit’ ‘em”

In Georgia, I do not see Nantucket reds very often.  Maybe as the Southern boy that I am not (Atlanta is SO not the South), I felt a little weird putting on something that is such a staple of the Northern prep.  However, who am I to turn down such a cool pair of pants based on my position in the Mason-Dixon line?

These are legitimate Murray’s Nantucket reds, that I found new with tags at the thrift store a few weeks ago.  Of course, because they were brand new, I haven’t had a chance to really break them in.  I normally go a few wears before washing my pants, but with these, I’m very likely going to throw them in every wash just to get that nice faded, soft look these pants are known for.  By the way, the color in the pictures look a lot different than in person.

The rest of the outfit was informed by the pants.  I was thinking about the Northern prep style, and the first thing that really popped in my head was sailing.  So, while staying work appropriate, I was aiming for something that looked like I was dreaming of being out on the ocean.  My Gap cotton v-neck over a J. Crew white button-down gives the overall look a real casual, laid back style.  And of course, I had to rock a pair of boat shoes.  I will admit, if I had them (and could wear them to work), I think a pair of beat to hell white canvas shoes would make this look just brilliant.

The Week of (color) Chinos: Day 1

Day 1- Yellow chinos.  ”Monday.  Man, that was a long weekend…”

So, as I said earlier, I’m going to do a whole week where I’m wearing chinos that aren’t my usual khaki/navy/olive colors.  It’s always fun to get out and throw some wild colors around and see what sticks.  Besides, summer is quickly coming to an end, so let’s see it off with a blast.

These J. Crew faded yellow chinos are one of my last acquisitions.  I won’t lie:  I was a little hesitant to buy these.  I mean, they’re yellow.  I have two yellow shirts, but really, yellow is not a color I wear often.  

However, I am so glad I bought these pants.  They have to be the easiest non-standard color pants I have ever worn.  I don’t even know if, after today, I can count them as color chinos.  They seem to work exactly like your normal old khakis, but with a bit of a kick.  Your khaki’s cooler brother.  I think if they were brighter or bolder, it would be harder to pull off, but when you get this type of faded color, you get to play around with expanding your concept of neutrals.

Oh, and the title under the picture is my concept for the outfit.  Here, I’m going for a real basic, it’s-Monday-and-I-have-to-go-to-work attitude.  Nothing fancy.  J. Crew university stripe OCBD, green knit tie, and some brown Allen Edmonds all come together in a simple way, showing you are dressed for work but still thinking about the weekend.  And why a green tie?  Why not?! (Also, because blue+yellow=green.)