metcarfre said: You say you took it in - did you do it yourself, or have a tailor do it? If it was by yourself, as I’m expecting, were there special considerations for the material? The results look good but I’d have to see it zipped up to judge for certain.

I did in fact do it myself.

There are certainly things you have to take into account before doing something like this.  First, you need to have leather needles for your sewing machine.  I normally use 70/10 on most of my clothes, but I have some specialty needles for dense fabrics, like denim and leather.

Maybe this isn’t with all machines, but I find that the thicker the fabric, and the more fabric you are trying to sew through, can somewhat throw the timing off between the top needle and the bobbin down below.  When that happens, and you are going full bore on the pedal, you will break the needle.  So, I usually take my time, go slowly, and if I feel the needle hit metal, I stop and hand crank it to let the bobbin get back in place.  (If anyone out there with more experience than me knows that this shouldn’t happen, let me know and I’ll make an addendum and also fix my machine).

Finally, you have to be super careful.  With taking the slack in, it wasn’t too hard because any seams are hidden inside the jacket.  But if you have to do any exterior work, so to speak, you have to be very careful because unlike cloth, a hole in leather will not go away.

I decided last night, since I really want to keep wearing this jacket and because it’s the right weather for it, that I’m going to do a Week of the Leather Jacket.  I’ll get one up of the jacket zipped tonight.

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