ivyinspired said: Could you tell me how to shorten the sleeves on a dress shirt? Is there an easier way that doesn't deal with having to mess with the cuff and sleeve placket?

That’s a tough call.

If the sleeves are a little long (maybe half an inch?), the easiest thing to do would be to shift the cuff button so that it fits right on your wrist.  I do that with all of my shirts anyway, but when the sleeves are a little long, this will correct the issue for the most part.

If it’s much longer than that (like you got a shirt with sleeves one size bigger than normal), there isn’t any easy way to take care of it.  The easiest (relatively) would be to detach the cuff, cut the excess material, and reattach the cuff.  You’d have to make sure to mark where the sleeve pleats are, have the right color thread, and be ready for a solid hour of slowly unstitching, and slowly restitching a straight line.  I’ve done this a few times, and it doesn’t always end up nice.

The other way would be to take it up from the sleeve, which is even more of a pain.