evolvingstyle said: 1. Have you ever added darts to a shirt? If so, can you explain?

I have.  What you have to do is first get a general idea of how much slack there is.  I usually pull the shirt taut with one hand and “hand” measure with the other (IE. figure out where on my hand it measures to).  Once you have that, you have to create two triangles of fabric down the back that’s essentially the same amount as you need to take out.  

Pin them down, try on the shirt, and see if you need to take out excess material.  Then look at the back of the shirt to make sure that they:

1) Start at the same height
2) Go straight down
3) Are a good distance apart.

If you’re happy with that, you need to press along the pins to set the seam, then sew.  You’ll be sewing straight down the seam you pressed, so really nothing will be sewn into the “shirt”.

I will say that personally I don’t like darts.  I’ve done them on a few shirts, and I find it makes it harder to iron and they look off (especially if you don’t take the time to line them up right).  My biggest issue is that they are supposed to be there so you can undo them and let the shirts back out.  On the shirts I tried that on, it left holes that I couldn’t get out, ruining the shirt. 

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