Anonymous said: hey! i got asked this question to Thisfits originally, and he directed me to you: is it possible to take in a pair of pants' thigh without changing the leg opening? i bought some of those refined fit chinos from lands end and they fit pretty nice except for the the thigh and knee areas.

I would say yes.  I am assuming that it does fit in the seat and the crotch, and it’s just from the crotch down to the knee.  If those two don’t fit, they can be fixed, but they’re a lot more difficult.  A good tailor or alterationist should be able to do that.

If it’s just the thighs, you can take it to an alterationist or you can do it yourself.  My article on slimming pants can walk you through those steps.  The only difference is you’d want to pin where you like the fit, and then slowly bring your seam in an arc back to meet that original seam.  If your pants have french seams, I would suggest instead going to the very end of the leg with your seam, just inside the original seam.  Otherwise, you’d have pants half with a french seam and half without.

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